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Konqobuji Temple Garden
Mount Koyasan

Toji Temple - Kyoto

Oshima Festival - Mikuui


Dronma's trip to Japan took her not only up into the Japanese Alps but also to the beautiful sea coast around Mikuni, where her son was working.

They also visited Kyoto and the Sacred Mount Koyasan which was reached by cable car.

This trip has resulted in a body of work infused with her response to the spirit of Japan.


Rock Garden Koyasan

Golden Week Outiug - Takayama 30x30
O Shima Fesival
Fishermans Shrine - Echizen Kaigan 12x12


Taj Mahal

Bare foot cool on white marble
bright saris fluttering.
Above blue sky kites flying.
Jewel encrusted flowers
and lace worked wonder
of love undying.

Screened by ordered beauty
white marble shining.
Warm wind from pomnegranate fields
the Jumna winding.
A monkey walks through ancient symetry.

Sitting Camel



Camels Near The Sphinx



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